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Destination Found!

I found a destination to "run to" this year!

My goal for the year is 1000 miles, my friend lives in Colorado. Its 1036.27 mile from my house to hers, according to map quest. So, I think I'll run to her house! I'll probably round it up to 1037 miles for the year cuz I hate .somethings in my mileage.

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and here's my first post card! (you know, my house)

Happy running!!

I told you I'd run this weekend!

I only got four miles from home today, but it's four miles farther than I'd run so far this year.
Despite being off to a slow start, it was a good run. Everything is slushy and melty and foggy, but warm -- about 40 degrees.

Here's a little something for you to look at. A postcard from Bay View Park taken at about 3:30 this afternoon.

Stranded in Milwaukee

It's the 4th of January and I've yet to get started on my journey. But fear not. I "leave" this weekend.

I've been battling some minor aches and pains that have been making it difficult for me to get back to running (and, heck, I'll be honest, I've also come down with a case of the "holy crap it's cold outside and I can't imagine running in this" syndrome).

How are you all doing? How far have you gotten? Any postcards yet?

I'm totally in!

I love this idea!

My plan is to run from DC (where I go to school) to Indianapolis, IN, where I'm moving back to in May. The distance is 595 miles according to Google maps.

In the mean time, I'm training for a half marathon (May 2) and trying to lose some weight for a wedding and a cruise. If you want to read about that, I don't really update my livejournal, instead I use wordpress

Dec. 30th, 2007

This is a great idea!

I will be jogging from Edmonton, Alberta to Seattle, Washington since I'm a Canadian who has yet to cross the border ;)

I'll probably update with a postcard every time I hit a major landmark or once a month. I will be jogging through the beauty that is British Columbia, where I was born :)

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Inaugural Post

I've decided to track my running in a new way. I've decided to Go Somewhere.

At first, I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be neat to see how long it will take me to run to the moon?" Well, after some quick calculations I realized that at a 5 mile per day average, it would take me about 130 years to get to the moon.. the most recent NVSS chart only gives me an additional 50.4 years. I somehow don't think I'll be able to pull this one off.

So, I decided to pick a new geographic target. Something I could do before I die (God willing), and preferably something I could do in one year's time. So I decided to virtually run to Chapel Hill, NC.

It's about 890 miles from Milwaukee to Chapel Hill. If I run 5 miles per day I'll be in Chapel Hill in 178 days. But I think I can do it in less than that because there's the whole half marathon and full marathon training stuff planned for 2008 and that really ups the daily mileage.

So, once a month, I'll be posting how far along in my journey I am. If we're lucky, I'll end up in the town that hosts the World's Largest Ball of Twine!

Here's the first "Postcard":


Yep. That's home (minus the hedge in front, and plus a load of snow today...)

So tell us, where are you going? And let us know how you're doing along the way...